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Many people view pimples and breakouts as simply a part of growing up. For some, these symptoms actually mean they need a trip to the dermatologist. How can you tell if yours is one of these? Before you begin overthecounter acne treatment, make sure you're not one who needs professional help.

you're New to This Problem

One group of people who can benefit from at least a consultation with a dermatologist are those who have never officially been diagnosed with the condition. The red bumps on your face, neck. Back could be pimples. They could be something completely different. A medical professional is the best person to diagnose this and ensure it's not something, like rosacea, that overthecounter treatments will actually hurt rather than help.

Your Home Treatments Stopped Working

Perhaps you think you know what to do to treat your pimples. Have had some success with it in the past. However, if you notice that your home treatments stop working, you need to consider getting professional help with acne treatment. It may be time for prescription strength remedy if your condition is no longer responding to your home based treatments.

Sometimes, home treatments can actually make the problem worse. While there is no harm in trying home remedies, you need to carefully observe your skin to ensure that you're not making anything worse. After all, you're not saving money by doing it at home if it's actually making more of a problem. Instead, you're wasting money on remedies that aren't working.

Cystic Breakouts and Nodules

Pimples that come with cysts or nodules are actually a very severe form of the condition. These need to be professionally evaluated, because they're not only almost impossible to treat on your own. They also can cause scarring that'll last a lifetime. Infections can also occur with these severe conditions.

Sudden Outbreaks

Sudden outbreaks can be caused by something other than the normal causes of pimples. Some people will have outbreaks after they go on a new medication. Instance. Others may be reacting to a food or an allergen. If you notice a sudden increase or appearance of these bumps, make a call to the dermatologist. You shouldn't have to suffer with pimples because of your medication.

you're Struggling Emotionally

You may be surprised at the various acne treatment options out there once you talk to a doctor. If you find yourself depressed and frustrated with the state of your skin, then make the phone call and schedule the appointment. You don't have to live with the embarrassment of pimples. There are options available to help. you'll not have them if you don't ask. No one should've to lose their selfesteem because of their skin when prescription treatments are available. Call your dermatologist. Take a step down the path of enjoying clear skin you can be proud of.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some home remedies or OTC treatments for Rosacea?

    • Rosacea Free Forever

      Two basic principles when it comes to managing your rosacea
      1) Less is more
      2) Treat early. Effectively

      Most people find that their skin is very sensitive and that their rosacea symptoms flare up upon exposure to heat, alcohol, spicy food. Irritating skin care products. One of the most important steps to controlling your rosacea is to avoid these triggers and stop putting unnecessary chemicals on your skin. And "natural" products can be just as irritating. Lifestyle modifications tend to be more effective than anything you can buy over the counter.

      When seeking a treatment, look for what's most effective. There are MANY suggested home remedies. Are those really desired if they don't work? The sooner you get rosacea under control, the better. Symptoms can worsen over time, making it take longer for the redness, bumps and other signs to resolve.

      In a recent survey, 86% of the respondents reported that their rosacea symptoms resolved with the use of effective rosacea treatments (usually a topical and/or oral antibiotic) and life-style modifications.

    Good treatment for rosacea?
    My grandpa has rosacea and got some medications from the doctor. From my experience with acne and pharma drugs, I dont want my grandpa using them. I warned my grandfather and now he came back from a hunting trip with really bad sunburn on his face.

    I went to a doctor when i was 15 for acne and the drugs they gave me caused rashes and sunburn plus they didn't work. I tried the otc treatment pro-active and it was like a miracle and a mystery why something similar wasnt prescribed in the first place.

    Im wondering is there an equivalent treatment for rosacea?
    Proactive is for acne as ________ is for rosacea

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    • ANSWER:
      Niacinamide pads work very well for rosacea, they worked for me, give it a shot.
      Niacinamide face cleansing pads are an effective and simple way to keep acne away. Just place a pad on the pimple and watch it fade away. Lavender Oil helps prevent skin drying. Niacinamide also helps diminish skin-hyperpigmentation (acne scars)
      Niacinamide pads are also known as Vitamin B3 pads or Nicotinamide pads. Works on body acne too.
      Give them a try and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    Rosacea? Success stories, please?
    Best OTC treatment or cover up ???
    (I've tried Metrogel,Rx meds....)

    • ANSWER:
      Rosacea is a strange disease, all the perscription stuff didn't work, matter of fact made it worse, including the doxycycline I used for over 8 months. Found out I didn't have rosacea at all. However, when I thought I did, I did my own research and discovered Aveeno Ultra Calming. There is a face wash and also a moisturizer. It truly calms the red down. Also if you're female, use make ups with a green or yellow tint to them, it also hides the red face.
      At one point, they treated me also for Demodex mites which aren't uncommon as they're skin mites. I used a Permetherin cream for that. Actually it took the blotchiness away that I'd. You can do a search on the mites. Some doctors believe that the mites are actually the front runner to acne and rosacea. Try this site, www.demodexsolutions.com/all_about_demodex.asp. I've not been there in a while so hopefully it's still up. Good luck!

    Can a regular doctor help with rosacea?
    I ask because all the dermatologists around here are outrageous. The least inexpensive one I could find (well, one that wasn't also operating out of the trunk of a car) several years ago. Each visit was -- but he kept wanting me back like every two weeks. I was just out of high school and making .35/hour. Add that in to the medication he prescribed and I'd have been bankrupt within a month or two.

    Since then, I've tried every homeopathic and OTC remedy I could find on line. Nothing helps. I'm tired of just masking it with make up -- I want to do something to actually get rid of the problem rather than just hide the symptoms. But since I can't afford a dermatologist, could I just go to my regular doctor and see if there's anything he could do?

    While I'm here, if anyone has had any experiences with treatments that helped chronic rosacea (not just the flare-ups. The constant red hue), would you mind sharing? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Metro gel. Yes you can get it from a regular doctor.
      You can also try Clinique, they hae some good products for redness.

    Breaking out HORRIBLY at 28, how do I stop/prevent this?
    I'm 28. Have always had pretty good skin. I've had the occasional zit and some blackheads. Nothing major, other than when I was first pregnant with my youngest. I do have mild rosacea. Only have the cheek redness and some slight bumpiness on the cheeks. All of the sudden, now I've what I think are referred to as papules all over my chin, jawline, forehead. The worst ones are in between my eyebrows. I've read on line. I still don't quite get it. Why am I suddenly breaking out this bad? There's no chance I'm pregnant, as I'd my tubes clamped a year ago. While I'm due for my period (it's actually a little late), I've only had a slight increase in breakouts prior to it in the past. I'm no more stressed than usual either. This is pretty much Proactiv-commercial-before-photo breakouts, not "oh, I've one zit, I'm a monster" overreacting on my part. I'm even getting them on my chest and neck! I've been putting Clean and Clear Mark Treatment with 2% Salicylic acid on my face and chest each nite and in the morning. Washing my face before bed and in the morning. I've checked all my make up and skin products and all say oil-free and non-comedogenic......I'd go make up free. All these break-outs are so bad I've to cover them up. what's the best treatment? I'd especially like to know about "home remedies" type treatments, without all the acids/chemicals in OTC acne meds. what's causing this to happen. What can I do in the future to prevent this? All your help is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks and God Bless!

    • ANSWER:

otc rosacea treatment

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