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    What are some easy, effective, and inexpensive skin care routines?
    I have very fair combination skin. My acne is not horrible but it is enough to agrivate me. I get it on my forehead, chin, next to my nose, and I get whiteheads on my cheeks and chin, and I get ALOT of blackheads on my nose.I have somewhat sensitive skin. My pores are not massive but they are visible. I don't have the money to buy expensive department store treatments or stuff like pro-active (which i hated), or skin- ID but it seems like drugstore products don't make any difference. Also my cheeks have uneven redness (NOT rosacea) that does not go away and that gets horrible and VERY red through out the day. And my skin is soft but very bumpy. My wish is to get skin that is so good that I don't have to wear makeup or at least only a little. Any help? please! I am desperate! I need all these problems to go away!?

    • ANSWER:
      OH my goodness! My skin is VERY similar to yours! WHOA!
      Please read!!!!!!!!

      Here's what I have:
      *fair combination skin
      *small acne problems on my forehead, nose, around my nose, and chin.
      *whiteheads and blackheads on my nose.
      *red cheek problem!!! not rosacea as well. had it for years.
      *soft skin but its kinda bumpy on my cheeks and upper jawline.

      I have a great routine now. My skin looks a lot better.

      My Skin Care Routine.....
      I usually wash my face with plain old Softsoap in the shower. Then I apply a small dot of clindamycin phosphate gel. It is a perscription gel for acne, but I'm fairly sure you can find a similar over-the-counter solution at Rite-Aid if you give them the name.

      After I shower, I pull my hair away from my face in a headband and apply Clean & Clear Advantage Oil-Free Acne Moisturizer all over my face. A bit more on problem/acne spots. I use about 3 pumps. It was about .99 at Walmart. I've had it for well over 4 months --- it lasts! Gray and purple bottle!

      ***A note on makeup - DON'T slather on concealer. It does not help! I stopped using it and only apply Dream Matte Mousse foundation to problem spots and under my eyes. Cover up bad spots, but don't try to cover your rosacea with foundation. Remember that you can clog your pores with too much makeup! ***

      I wash my face with about a chocolate-chip sized dollop of Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power Cream Wash. It was about .79 at Walmart, in a white, pastel green, and orange tube/bottle thing. Amazingly, it does NOT sting my eyes when I rub some suds on my eyes to get rid of my mascara. It's very gentle and smells great.

      I dry with a washcloth and apply Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10 to pimples only. I am not sure how much the Persa-Gel was, but I'm assuming about .99. Its a little white tube; I think it comes in a box. Lastly, I apply the same Clean & Clear Moisturizer all over my face.

      Before you go to bed, make sure your hair is pulled away from your face. And wash your pillowcases often to get rid of bacteria and oil from your face!!!!

      My skin has really improved --- my acne calmed down and my red cheeks are not as prominent. I don't have to wear NEARLY as much makeup anymore.

      Hope I helped!!!! Message me if you need any more help!

    I have tried everything on the market for adult acne. What really works???
    I have adult acne, sensitive skin, and a little rosacea. I have tried so many products over the years from teen years to my early 20's and I'm at a lost of what is going to work for me as I've noticed my skin has changed from teen acne to adult acne. I know benzoyl peroxide makes the acne worst, I know from pro-active products. Salicylic acid doesn't work either also tried and made my skin worst. Iam now using Philosophy line with Hydrogen peroxide for adult acne, but I'm trying to be patient, but the only results I see is that there are more aggressive break outs. I hear that Gycohlic Acid is suppose to be good for acne, but I need serious help: I have a huge event in the begining of Oct.

    • Rosacea Free Forever

      Diane-35. It works like magic.

      all the best!

    what's the best foundation available in boots?
    I've a £5 off voucher for boots only so it's to be available there lol.
    I've combination skin. Rosacea so i need something with a medium coverage. preferably £10 or less. If it's exceptionally good, then it can be dearer :)
    please tell me your favorite foundation and maybe some pros + cons, thank you :)

    • ANSWER:
      Dream matte mouse!
      The best foundation i've ever used.
      It makes you skin feel so soft. Unlike liquid foundation, it doesnt make your face greasy. Powder foundation makes your face flakey.
      Theres so many different tones.
      I cant think of a bad thing to say about it :)

    Does your Mac Book Pro constantly need cleaning to remove fingerprints?
    Maybe it's just because I wear a powdered foundation (make-up) to even out my skin tone. God I hate wearing make-up. I've to if I don't want to look weird due to Rosacea. But, I digress.

    It seems like every few days I find myself cleaning the top of the Mac Book to remove ugly fingerprints. I even keep a microfiber cloth and the cleaning solution that came with my last pair of glasses on my desk just for this reason!

    Do you've this problem? Have you found a way to get around it? I'm considering getting one of those snap on plastic covers/cases for it. I don't know if that's a good idea or not.

    • ANSWER:
      The answer is simple get a microfibre cloth, buying this cloth is probably the best investment ever! You can usually get them in the cleaning section of shops, they may be in the mirror or car cleaning products section as these are other uses for microfibre cloths. These cloths have micro-fibre so they pick-up everything and leave no scratched or cloth marks, hence being used for mirrors and cars for shine and clarity.

      Just get a microfibre cloth and wipe gently to remove any fingerprints on shiny metallic paint looking surfaces on laptop fronts or even external hard drive cases. Recent fingerprints and even oily finger prints can be taken off lcd screens with microfibre cloths. For older prints, i wet the dirty part of the lcd screen with a damp tissue (barely damp) and then dry off with a soft tissue and than use microfibre cloth to clean-up the remaining water. Remember unlike CRT (fat sized screens) screens water is really bad for lcds (so they say) so use my method at your own risk! I don't take any responsibility for what happens, different lcd brands/models may give varied affects.

    which is the best No.7 foundation?
    i like the look of the No.7 Instant Radiance Foundation, the one with the attached brush. Has anyone tried it? is it any good?
    or is there a different one you prefer? any pros + cons?
    i've got combination skin and rosacea which needs to be covered so i need atleast a medium coverage
    thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know about that one . Here are a few that claim to give a luminous look and have had good reviews. For a flawless finish use a primer and apply with a foundation brush.

      Revlon Colourstay
      Rimmel Lasting Finish
      Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation (Won the Times Beauty Award 2008)
      Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturising
      Clarins True Radiance
      Sephora Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation (a few users claimed their skin looked air brushed)

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