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    is it rosacea on my chest?
    Help! I have a recurrent problem with pustules on my collar bone/neck. I usually get just one or two. They are red pustules/node type rashes. They are very itchy, but also burn. It is extremely uncomfortable. I use Metrojel which sometimes helps. They last 3 - 7 days. I have been diagnosed with rosacea, but my face isn't all that 'flushed.' It's more pustule-type problems on face/neck. I went on Accutane for 3 months and everything went away for 2 years! What a miracle! However, it's back....can you get rosacea just on your chest area? Thanks so much, Peg

    • ANSWER:
      Rosacea & cystic acne
      I have Rosacea, and I used to control it just by using an Alpha Hydroxy wash. The problem is that if I ever go on vacation without the wash or something, and get a flair up, I have a lot of trouble getting it down. Also, I think my rosacea may have gotten worse over time. Anyway, I had cystic acne on my cheeks that had been more or less consistent for months, as well as nasty little nose spots. Once I started using the rosacea cream, it got much better. In fact, I can notice a difference just overnight if the problem is surface irritation and not well below the surface. For instance, I have one cyst now, and it hurts, but if it ever gets to the surface, I am sure the cream will help me. I was pretty skeptical, and my friends make fun of my paying a lot for snail slime, but it seems to work well for me. Tracy Larrabee, California.

    I'm a white 19 yr old male with rosacea on my upper abbs, just below my chest.?
    I have an athletic build, but in the area i described above, it is fairly red because of the rosacea. Do girls mind this if they see it on a guy?

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      no and if they do tell tell them where to go. but i know that it's a common thing

    Treatments for Acne Rosacea?
    My dad is bare suffering! he's really bad acne rosacea on his chest and despite trying a number of products, can't seem to shift it. he's currently using dermol lotion, taking oral antibiotics (lymecycline), to no avail. Further he was prescribed fucibet and mumetasone furorate, again they didn't work. Help!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      He may want to speak to a consultant, e.g. a dermatologist rather than a GP as they may be able to give him something stronger.

    How can I help my mum with her rosacea?
    Ever since I was little, I remember my mother's flushed red skin on her chest... It was just part of her..Now she's about to be 46 years old and is experiencing painful pimples on her face- the dermatologist said it's the rosacea on her chest starting to come up to her face...
    My mum is a very... shall we say... emotional/emotionally unstable person- she was an alcoholic for the majority of her life but has since stopped. I know alcohol may be a trigger...

    So are there any tips to help her with this? i guess there is no real cure for it, i suggested keeping a diary to pinpoint the possible causes.. What do you do for your rosacea? please help... thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Im English and have suffered on and off for years until recently I moved to Spain and while at the Doctors with a different complaint he ask me about my rosacea and what treatment I've had .I told him I'd tried lots of things but nothing worked . He sent me for a blood test and I discovered I'd very high levels of uric acid in my blood .So after following an alkaline diet for a few weeks it's completely cleared up .Your mum may want to try it for a while she's nothing to lose only weight , iv lost 18 pound and feel much better.
      The alcohol problem will irritate the liver because of the excess acid that maybe why she'd it , the toxins have to go somewhere.

    why does my chest get really red spontaneously?
    I've rosacea on my face and my face can get red but my chest is never red except for weird muments. sometimes my chest has red all over or i just have red marks on my chest. i was wondering of any one knows about this or experiences this. thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I get that, I get it when im upset nervous, when you get agravated or embarresed, take a few deep breaths, relax, take a walk, read a book, put your Ipod on super blast, it help's me.

rosacea on chest

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